Surrender to Love

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What does it mean to surrender to Love?

Love is our inner nature. It is a state of consciousness and a level of vibration. We might call it our Higher Self or our Inner Being. We may also call it the Universe of Love & Light, God, Oneness or The Vortex. All definitions point towards the same space.

There are a lot of things that makes it hard for us to be on this high vibration of Love. We experience so much fear and uncertainty in our human incarnations, and because of that, we have developed a lot of survival strategies, based on fear, control and resistance. Our different energy fields, chakras, organs and cells are therefore deadlocked, both in terms of thoughts, feelings and behaviour, by the pre-coded survival strategies, fear systems and control systems.

Most of us wish to surrender completely to our nature of Love, so we may attract a high vibration of love in our human relationships. Some of us can do this through focusing on joy and meditations on high level of vibrations, and others of us have to continually let go of blockades and negative encodings – and be willing to move out of our comfort zone in order to be connected with our Higher Self.

During the workshop we will cut ties of our negative coding concerning Love. How can we receive more? How can we feel more worthy of Love? How can we have faith in life and what life brings? How can we completely let go of the resistance within us and surrender to our nature of Love?

Signe facilitates a large space of healing throughout the workshop where each participant will receive individual healing, and the group will receive decoding of a lot of the convictions and coding that keeps us from allowing our natural state of Love.

Through guided healing meditations and activations, as well as writing exercises we go deeper into clarifying our relationship to Love. From there, we will look into our survival mechanisms and control systems and let go of the blockages. We will furthermore transform through guided dance meditations and transformational exercises that helps us release and surrender.

This workshop is for those of you who really want to take ownership of your own spiritual growth and who are ready to let go of all the old that no longer serves you. It is for those of you who has a deepfelt wish to make the consciousness of your Higher Self shine through your Human Self so you can live in freedom and surrender into Love.


Signe S. C. Rosenweis has for more than 20 years been working intensively with psychological and spiritual processes. She has specialized in different healing systems, among others Reikki Healing/ by Hanne Fritzbøger, Theosis Healing/ by Paul Skorpen, Access Consciousness/ by Dain Heer & Gary Douglas, Hjertehealing/ by Yvonne Wassinin (Den Gyldne Cirkel), and Clairvoyance/ by Maya Fridan.

Signe has previously been connected to Den Gyldne Cirkel and has worked extensively with meditation, Light Services and spiritual therapy. Signe has always had the ability to heal, hold space and work with energy. She works clairvoyantly during healing and she reads as well as heals the cells, the body, the DNA and the energetic system along with the different correlations between patterns of behaviour, the current life situation and Karma. Signe always has the focus on transformation so each person can become more conscious and liberated.



Time: 9.30-16.30



There will be tea/coffee and snacks. You bring along your own lunch.


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