About Signe

Healer & Facilitator

Signe S. C. Rosenweis has worked for 18 years with intense spiritual processes. She is trained in various healing systems – Reiki Healing (Hanne Fritzbøger), Theosis Healing (Paul Skorpen), Access Consciousness (Dain Heer & Gary Douglas) and Heart Healing (Yvonne Wassini, The Golden Circle) as well as Clairvoyance (Maya Fridan).

She has formerly been part of The Golden Circle (a spiritual center based in the tradition of Theosophy), and has worked a lot with meditation, light services and spiritual therapy.

Besides her work with spirituality, Signe has worked professionally with creative work and creative processes in the film business for 20 years and has an insight into- and passion for people, relations and dynamics. Signe loves to shine her light on shadows, hidden encodings and other issues to bring conciousness and clairity, so everyone can gain full freedom in their life and be all the greatness they are!

A shift in consciousness and a quantum leap in healing.

The past two year has been like surfing on a gigantic wave through life, doing everything in my power to hold on and not fall off. I have been lifted to higher vibrations through intensive spiritual self-development, and I have learnt a new type of extremely conscious and technical healing.

I have continuously been upgraded and my energy system has been working on overdrive, a huge culmination and landing happened during the summer of 2017 and again during the summer of 2019. I am so grateful to be living in this entirely new perception of the world and of myself. I now have a fundamental feeling of joy that is not rooted in achievements in the physical world, and a much greater awareness of being in the present moment.

The love energy flows unlimited and I work fully awakened in my work with energies. Both when I am cleansing chakras, clearing thought patterns, working with the electromagnetic system, upgrading energy bodies, holding space for pineal gland orifices, working with physical illnesses or cleansing kharmic imprints that no longer serve and give heart activations.

It is a magical space where past, present and future does not exist, the imprints from the family line can all be read and cleared, and the collective unconsciousness that is dragging us down in vibration, making us identify with our lower self, can be cleared. In this space of information, everything can be recoded and transformed. Essential to this transformation is that we are willing to let go of the old and not wish to control what the new shall be. When we can let go and allow the healing to work its magic, I experience that anything is possible and when the heart becomes more open, we automatically experience more soul connections. For me soul connection and living from the perspektive of the soul is the central theme in spiritual growth and the world woud be a different place to live, if we all lived from that perspective.

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