I just came back from a new year retreat. And I have suddenly got the concept of allowance, the actual core energy of it. What I got, is being okay with everybody and everything that occurs and seeing the beauty of it. Not wanting anyone or anything to change, not having any ambitions on anybody’s behalf. In the train, on my way back, I was watching people and just feeling so blessed that I could perceive them differently, not having any opinions about them, and not projecting my own things onto them.

Energetically I feel allowance is the opposite of concluding. In allowance you are open to unfold and see what is present without any conclusions or judgements on it.

Allowance is not making anything wrong, and understanding that allowance is not something you can choose with your mind or forcing yourself to percieve. It is a state of mind, a vibration, an energy that totally embraces it all. All the emotions, all the thoughts, all of what is going on, all people, all reactions, all rejections, all of life.

There is no “must” or “have to” anymore. There are no pushing or pulling, or forcing anything, no rejecting what is occurring, because you are not dependent on your self or others being calm, or reflected, or developed, or anything to make you feel better about yourself.

We can practice allowance by questioning our own opinions, judgements and conclusions. And we can practice allowance by seeing the greatness and love that we are, and being more receptive towards ourselves so we can let our love and greatness flow out into the world.

Full allowance require vulnerability to be in life with everything that is present in us. Not judging some things better than other things. And being fully vulnerable is such a challenge, because we realize that we don’t know anything, and we will never know what will happen in a moment, tomorrow or in the future. We can only be aware of the emotions and of life in the moment.

We can work with self-healing to release a deeper level of vulnerability towards ourselves and others. Ask your body what color it needs to release everything that are blogging the ability and willingness to being completely vulnerable with yourself and others. Then imagine lots of color cannons that flows the particular color onto your body and energy system, and continue until you feel there is enough colour.  Then ask for a color to stabilize and make the new level of  vulnerability permanent in your system. And flow again color onto your body.

Taking our guards down and being vulnerable, is allowing ourselves to be who we are and from that space it is easy to let other people be who they are and live in full allowance.

Allowance is such a great energy because it opens everything and everybody, not resisting anything, it is almost more receptive than receiving, because it both allows receiving and not receiving without any judgements, it allows everything that is happening. Allowance merge who we are and what is around us, when we allow all that we are, we allow all of life. And from that space, we will see that there is nothing we have to do or be that we are not. And we can start living from the grace of really seeing and enjoying what life offers.

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