Welcome to Rosenweis healing & workshops.

From my perspective our connection to our soul, and the reunion of our higher self and lower self through awareness and transformation, is the core of spiritual growth, and it has always been my aspiration through the 17 years of spiritual development.

I have a deep inner wish to contribute to others’ growth, because there is such a difference between living from the soul’s perception of joy and gratitude and living from the struggle of the human self.

I really wish for everybody that it became their aspiration, so it can provide enough self-discipline to get through tough times. And there will be tough times, when we want to free ourselves from identifying with the lower self, but it is worth it.

For me the horror scenario would be to get stuck in the limitations and never get free. The freedom happens when we live in the light of our soul, where we can be all that we are and unfold and become our full potential.

Yours sincerely

Signe S. C. Rosenweis
Spiritual Healer & Facilitator

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