At some point there is a shift in the way we feel grateful, from being little and grateful for the miracle of life and that we are alive, to feeling committed to do our best, because we feel so grateful for being part of this wonder and the role we are playing. When that shift happens, we know how out of place and ungrateful it is to hold ourselves down, and being doubtful because of our low self-esteem and the illusion that we are small.

The other day I experienced letting go of everything I thought I was suppose to be and do. I was in tears for all the gratefulness I felt, at the same time as seeing all the years in pain and struggling. The final points of holding on to the pain were released, and the snakeskin was falling off in long tracks of tears, that were no longer required. Now I was beyond the illusion of me being small and powerless, and I felt suddenly held. I was no longer the one holding, like I use to be. Now life is holding me tight and I started leaning in.

Now is the time to reclaim our power and really honor the gratefulness that we feel and are. When we feel grateful, we are in our knowing, and know all there is to feel grateful for. And from that space we can trust ourselves and life. If we choose to be unconscious we fall down into our old wounds and suddenly think we are less, and from that space it is impossible to feel real gratefulness, because we fall into our victim energy. When we feel like victims we start feeling all the pain from the past and worry about the future.

There is a tradition in many spiritual directions about working with gratefulness to transform our state of mind. And it is a shortcut working with gratitude, because it can raise our vibration, but it can also be a dead end because there is no such thing as feeling a little gratitude for something and at the same time being a little annoyed, then we are not feeling gratitude. So we have to be sincere, and we have to work with things we are truly grateful for, and it is absolutely fine to be grateful for small things. We cannot pretend and really want to be grateful. We can sit and close our eyes and feel the small things we are truly grateful for, and let that vibration of gratefulness fill our whole body. It will feels like a quietly joy that is expanding our heart and heightens our vibration.

We raise our vibration because we tap directly into who we are, our soul, through our heart and our knowing, we don’t have to work to be in alignment with gratefulness. It is our nature to be grateful, so if we can think of something in our life we are grateful for, we are that gratefulness. Recalling who we are, piece by piece, will start waking us up to seeing the big play of human nature and planet earth. Our ego cannot be activated at the same time as we feel grateful, so by working daily with gratefulness, we will little by little get out of identification with our lower self.

We don’t have to work consciously with gratefulness, because life and gratefulness will come and teach us anyway. We are often led into a space where we feel gratefulness by life itself, and we will have a small awakening moment… wauw… And we will think; I will not be angry with this person anymore, in this way again, because I really feel so grateful that this person is in my life. So I will not accept that my emotions carries me away and overreact. And it is actually our own momentary awakening, where we know all that we know, because of gratefulness, that teaches us. So thank you life!

If we work with prayers, we can also ask for getting reminded as often as possible, that we are grateful. And the more we are in a higher vibration, the more we get used to be in a different perspective of ourselves, others and life. When we are not in resistance to something we are indifferent and it leads to gratefulness. When we don’t have opinions on life and what is unfolding we are indifferent. And all is cool. Indifference does not mean not caring, it means we trust life, and we are willing to accept and look at what life brings.

I mention indifference because some people feel gratefulness is a new age abstract peace and love kind of word, and it is really not an abstract phenomenon that describes a lot of good things. It is a specific energy, that refers to being in deep contact to who we are and seeing and honoring all the help there is behind orchestrating our life. Indifference is the state of mind where we are present with in the world, to be able to lean into a grounding of gratefulness. When we feel grateful, we are so alive, so energized and so powerful. And we all have the key to this momentary awakening, that we can invite more and more into our life.

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