Spiritual development for women

Embody Your Light – Women’s Cirle

Dates TBA

Time 17 – 21.30

This group is for those of you who has previously participated in self-development courses. And it is for those of you who really wish to move into greater inner freedom and flow in all areas of life.

Signe facilitates a huge healing space which is active during each gathering as well as supporting the whole period. During the five evenings we transform through quiet healing meditations, dance meditations and exercises.

In this group we work from the fact that all transformation takes place from within. We look deeply into the energetic blockages in your energy system and in your life, and we work with getting awareness and transforming the shadow aspects, shame and guilt, coding from the family line, illusions of the matrix, old karma and much more. Through this process you will rise into higher vibrations and be more connected with you Higher Self. From there you have the possibility of expanding and opening to live your full potential.

We also work with tools and techniques that help you get more and more aware of who you are, your inner light, your inner force and consciousness. You learn how to lean into the space and to release negative coding from your upbringing and cultural background.

Signe works on upgrading the energy structure, the DNA and the chakra system in order for you to achieve greater clarity. She also works with heart chakra openings to enable a stronger connection of love between the Higher Self and the Human Self. In this way you will be continually upgraded during the period and step into a higher vibration of living.

This work is an inner liberation process that automatically will affect your outer life. Training to live in higher vibrations will automatically connect you more and more with your Higher Self, and from there you will have the freedom to choose, create and enjoy the life you wish.


Signe S. C. Rosenweis has for more than 20 years been working intensively with psychological and spiritual processes. She has specialized in different healing systems, among others Reikki Healing/ by Hanne Fritzbøger, Theosis Healing/ by Paul Skorpen, Access Consciousness/ by Dain Heer & Gary Douglas, Hjertehealing/ by Yvonne Wassinin (Den Gyldne Cirkel), and Clairvoyance/ by Maya Fridan.

Signe has previously been connected to Den Gyldne Cirkel and has worked extensively with meditation, Light Services and spiritual therapy. Signe has always had the ability to heal, hold space and work with energy. She works clairvoyantly during healing and she reads as well as heals the cells, the body, the DNA and the energetic system along with the different correlations between patterns of behaviour, the current life situation and Karma. Signe always has the focus on transformation so each person can become more conscious and liberated.

Signe loves to facilitate transformation, raise consciousness and invite to expansion, so we all realize our full potential, and thereby can let the beauty of our soul radiate from us.





There will be tea/coffee and snacks.


Signe • mobile 40 45 60 11 • signe@justonespiritpictures.com

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