Healing via Intuitive Medical Reading

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IMR is short for Intuitive Medical Reading

– it’s a reading of the physical and energetic system to find causes of disease, both on the physical, psychological and karmic system.

The reading lies in the old seer tradition, and it is these abilities we work with in the course, both in the readings and in the healing. You will be trained in working consciously in the higher intuitive levels.

Module 1 – the foundation is for both new and experienced in this technique. If you are new to IMR, the workshop is for those of you who are called to open your abilities and combine healing and clairvoyance. If you are an experienced Intuitive Medical Reader, the workshop will help you with new openings and further develop your abilities to be full awaken while reading the body and the energetic system, and to heal moment to moment from the reading information.

Module 2 – supplementary training is for those of you who have attended Intuitive Medical Reading module 1 or who work intuitively this way. This module is for those of you who are ready to move on to further openings and upgrades so you can work in new ways with IMR reading and healing, where you get used to work in even higher vibrations and frequencies.

During both workshops we train how to read blockages and uncover the cause of these blockages and what needs to be cleansed, reconstructed and changed to transform them. We train to see and understand what the underlying issues are. Furthermore, we train to navigate within the different layers of the physical, the psychological, and the karmic structure.

You will learn to follow the energy threads in the body that points you to the cause, and not conclude anything before you see it and know it. Healing via IMR is a system where you learn, to uncover what needs to be healed and how to heal it. You will be taught different healing techniques, and you will learn to master working with the different forms of energy.

On top of that, you will be taught the understanding of ethics and morals, and also the understanding of what you should communicate and what you should keep to yourself during the readings and healing.

The workshops are constructed around a series of healing meditations which will open your abilities for readings and healing, as well as it will upgrade your system to higher vibrations and frequencies, which will influence your life and make you more conscious in your IMR readings and healing.

Teacher and facilitator

Signe S. C. Rosenweis is the only one to teach this unique technique in Denmark.

For more than 20 years, she has worked intensively with psychological and spiritual processes. She has specialized in different healing systems, among others Reikki Healing/ by Hanne Fritzbøger, Theosis Healing/ by Paul Skorpen, Access Consciousness/ by Dain Heer & Gary Douglas, Hjertehealing/ by Yvonne Wassinin (Den Gyldne Cirkel), and Clairvoyance/ by Maya Fridan.

Signe has previously been connected to Den Gyldne Cirkel and has worked extensively with meditation, Light Services and spiritual therapy. Signe has always had the ability to heal, hold space and work with energy. She works clairvoyantly during healing and she reads as well as heals the cells, the body, the DNA and the energetic system along with the different correlations between patterns of behaviour, the current life situation and Karma. Signe always has the focus on transformation so each person can become more conscious and liberated.


Copenhagen or Charlottenlund


The price is 3.400 kr. per person (including VAT) per workshop.

Discount for students and unemployed.

There will be vegetarian lunch and tea/coffee and snacks.


Signe • mobile 40 45 60 11 • signe@justonespiritpictures.com

The Akaija symbol is designed by Wim Roskam, and kindly lent to me by Ajajia & Art, akaija.com.

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