Mercy & Forgiveness

How can we truly have mercy with others and ourselves. Mercy is a tricky concept like forgiveness, we can easily fool ourselves because we wish we could have mercy or we wish we could forgive someone or ourselves. The challenge is not to be in a superior state of mind. We need to seek access to the vibrations of mercy and forgiveness and it requires seeing the situation from a different perspective. When we do that we raise to a higher level of consciousness and from there we can access the vibrations of mercy and forgiveness.

It leads us back to our overall spiritual path and growth, where we have to me mindful about seeing, being and walking our truth. To transform and surrender into a higher state of mind with more soul connection, we need to surrender. And surrender requires letting go of control, and this is both our conscious and subconscious control patterns. When we surrender our control we reach a higher platform of consciousness, where we dare to be and see what is. Without concluding or judging, just seeing and knowing. Experiencing the clarity of ourselves and the situation we are in.

I have experienced over and over again that whatever is showing up in my life is a key to raise my consciousness, all conflicts, all joy, all sorrow, all waiting. But I can only raise my consciousness if I am present with the situation, and if I surrender into it. If I don’t give it my attention I can’t see and know, what I need to see and know to move into a higher level of consciousness and more freedom. Then I am stuck in the old level of consciousness with the old conflict or situation. And from there I can’t access true forgiveness and mercy.

I see the challenging things in our lifes as reflections of unconscious parts in us that we need to give attention and see, if we want to move into more freedom. It is interesting when we stop blaming others for situations we are in, and just take responsibility for being present in the situation until clarity comes. What is occurring? Is this what I want to create in my life? How can I change it? What does the situation require? Sometimes it requires going further into the conflicts, sometimes it requires stepping out of the conflicts, and sometimes it even requires stepping out of a relationship. Daring seeing what is really happening and not what we wish were happening, or what our mind thinks are happening, and then acting accordingly to the situation and our inner truth.

If we assume we are part of everything, our attitude towards the conflicts in our lives can’t be projected on to others. We are part of it and we have the power to change it, by being aware. Whatever big or small dramas we are part of, there is an awareness to gain. When we have allowed ourselves to be present and vulnerable with the situation, giving up control and doubting the judgements of the mind, then clarity can appear by itself, and it is possible to forgive and have mercy with others and ourselves. But we can not force mercy and forgiveness. It is opening within us when we have worked on ourselves, when there is no self-righteousness and superiority, which are strong aspects of the ego-structure. We receive the gift to pass on, when we have earned it.

If I identify with the judge within me, I am concluding what has happened, and from that space I am not willing to question what has really happened. And I am stuck in whatever mindset I have. Many people are afraid of questioning themselves and the situations they are involved in. Afraid of the emotions, afraid of rejections, afraid of not being in control, and most of all afraid of being wrong… we will do whatever it takes to prove that we are not wrong, even stop our own growth and sabotage our own life. If we dare question ourselves and the situations we are in, we take steps towards surrendering into a higher truth.

Mercy and forgiveness are energies that hold space for transformation in the love-vibration, and we can not experience that if we are deep down in our ego-structure. Then mercy and forgiveness are just concepts in the mind, that make us even more self-righteous and superior, because we still want to be right and we assume that we know best. That is a trap! The real deal is to stay focused on our own path and work with our own shadows and doing the challenging work of letting go of control, so we can break the pattern of the ego-structure and surrender into our light and soul consciousness.

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