Perception of life

How can we change our perception of life, and see the blessing of life instead of the struggle of life??? It can be difficult when we are stuck in lower vibrations, where the dramas seem real. And it can be quite provoking if other people say “Your dramas are not real, just step out of them”.

If we were in total allowance of everything, there would be no experience of problems or dramas, it would just be life happening and us experiencing life and choosing what works for us. A conflict can feel non conflictual. And conflicts, grief and pain can be just different colors of life.

Life does not always have to be all about happy emotions to be a blessing. Life contains all kinds of emotions, and we need to embrace that. It can be a blessing, holding on to your truth, and stand up for yourself or somebody else. To only seek and validate happy emotions is not the total perception of life being a blessing. If we can embrace all our emotions, they can just be emotions and not be a threat to our existence. The illusion that emotions can be a threat to our existence, makes us categorize them into good and bad emotions, and to want to avoid the bad emotions. But they are really just emotions. And when we categorize them we lock ourselves into a certain perception of life.

The new perception of life comes with wanting intensively to get out of the old perception, either out of need or out of aspiration. And most of us need help to that transition, because we have to give up all the ideas we have about ourselves. It requires so much vulnerability and willingness to be in the unknown. At the same time we have to work with our shadows, that comes up. And one of the things I see as our main blockage to getting into a higher perception of life, is our willingness and capacity to love ourselves.

It is not only about wanting to receive love from oneself, it is also energetically to open up and actually receiving love from our higher self. We resist and close down because most of us has experienced receiving so much crap, that we would rather not receive anything at all. We can also be in a condition, where we don’t feel allowed to receive love at all, because of blockings from agreements made in former lifetimes.

Low self worth and low self esteem are also blockings for receiving love. It is a good idea to use time and energy on working from different levels of clearing the issues from this and former lifetimes on feeling worthy to receive love and receive all good in life.

And obviously when we have problems with feeling worthy to be loved, we will end up in relations where we don’t get much love, either because the people do not have access to much love, or because they are to busy doing other things, that they are not present with us or willing to shower us with love. So breaking this bad dynamic requires crashing into our own self love and our own ability to shower ourselves with love.

I see love as a blessing, a state of mind, a certain vibration that gets us into flow with everything. How great would it be to have a life where we are constantly showered with love, from everybody and everything including ourselves. First step is to be able to understand that it is possible, and wanting it. That level of flow will challenge our Scandinavien “Jantelov” inheritance, so we have to work on that. Next step is to get a deep understanding that there is nothing wrong with us. We are exactly as we should be, and we are worthy of infinite love.

We should release and cleanse out the roles and masks we are carrying, that makes us less than what we are. And then hold the intention, that we get to be all that we are instead. From there we can start inviting more of our own light into our human self. We can also reach this point by saying stop to the old way of existing and give it all over to God to solve old patterns and blockings. And if you surrender totally, you can do a quantum leap into a higher perspective of life. But there are many ways to expand your consciousness, and each one of us need to find the way that works best for us, and what works for us can also change in different periods of our lives.

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