Healing via Intuitive Medical Reading

IMR is a reading into the physical and energetic system, to find the courses of the suffering both physical, psychological and karmic. It is in the old Seers tradition and the reading is held in a higher level of consciousness.

I begin with scanning your body for physical and mental imbalances and other issues, that may be holding you back. I then combine various healing techniques to rid you of these imbalances – creating balance and working in depth with the larger issues at hand.

I cleanse and close your energy system, and recode the electromagnetic system, so you can enjoy your full energy potential and vitality. Then I re-code old thought patterns and convictions, which will stop old behaviour patterns that no longer support you. I work energetically with transforming your psychological shadows and the imprints that are copied from your family line, that can keep you stuck in old thought patterns and issues.

I upgrade your body on a cell-level and your energy system, so your body can handle the intensity that more soul connection brings, and I facilitate connecting the body and soul on a deeper level, so you can live a more free and joyous life, becoming the entire being that you are!

I work with the heart chakra, healing grief and pain, so it is possible to open the heart even more, and live from a deeper connection of love within yourself and in the universe.

In all my healings, I am consciously channelling energies that will heal your body and your entire energy system. I create a healing zone within the room and work verbally with guided meditations that heals therapeutically, as well as mentally orchestrated healing that I explain to you as we go along, so you will be sitting very consciously and receiving the healing.

I also work with energetic upgradings and quantum leaps, when you are ready for it. I channel specific energy streams down through your chakra system, so you get more stability in your vertical light. I activate pineal gland and the 3. eye, I facilitate heart activations and other spiritual upgradings.

90 minutes

PRICE: 1.800 kr. – when series of 3 sessions payed at once – PRICE: 4.800 kr.


BOOKING: 40456011 – ADDRESS: Ordrupvej 72, 4tv., 2920 Charlottenlund

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