“I’ve recieved a series of healing sessions from Signe. She’s a powerful human being, with much warmth and a great light inside of her. She’s made my journey towards pulling myself together a safe one.

During the process I experienced an actual awakening. And I can say for sure, that I am no more the same human being as I was, when I first arrived at Signe’s door.”

– Lars Røn

Former participant

“In the years where I’ve worked with writing, I’ve tried several courses and approaches to writing, men none of it has been as effective and useful as Signe’s workshop “Find your unique writing voice”. At the workshop I discovered a new approach to writing. Besides doing writing exercises, Signe offers the opportunity for each participant to find their best “place” possible to write from. It takes place through a series of meditations and specific exercises, that are anchored in the body, which gives each participant the opportunity to bring all of you in to the writing process, instead just being driven by the result. Instead the whole process is in focus, which in the end gives you better results.

The workshop offers a technique, which makes it possible to get started to write despite mood, stress and so on. Since I’ve participated in the workshop, my writing process has become easier and far more joyous. There is more flow in my writing and instead of postpone my work, I’m now looking forward to writing and I get restless if I don’t have the time to write. I would highly recommend Signe’s workshop for all writers, regardless if they have just begun writing or they have been writing for years. And the workshop is suitable for everyone who has a dream of writing, but who has not yet thrown themselves into it.”

– Victoria Ellen Gibson, Screenwriter.

Former participant

“For years I felt like I was about to burst with words not being able to come out, where the tension betweeen blockages and lack of faith in my own voice, held me back from just letting the words flow. After Signe’s writing workshop I felt like had taken a huge and very important step in the process, ande even now to monhts later, her meditations can bring me to a very special place inside myself – this unique place, where I feel the most in contact with the source and my own core.

I would highly recommend Signe’s transformational workshops. But don’t just think that it ends with the writing process! You should know, that the workshop opens up the potential for transformation on many levels, and perhaps your life will never be the same again, after a day in the company of Signe and her power.

Personally I’m deeply thankful for everything I got from it, and not to mention all that has unfolded in the wake of it.”

– Lotte Reiter, Nature therapist.

Former participant

“Dear Signe,

I just want to thank you for a fantastic day at the writing workshop during the weekend. I’m totally excited!! My writing energy is refueled, my writing process is upgraded and I’m clearly freed from blockages and “old junk, which for a long time has stood between me and my free writing process. The creativity is finally in a free flow and it feels indescribably wonderful. I just feel more clear and far more effective in a different and unconstrained way. I’m just super happy and satisfied. So 1000 1000 times thank you for a surprisingly cozy and professionally rewarding day in super nice and inspiring company.”

Love, Pia Hagel

Former participant

“I have participated in several of Signes and Timian’s dance workshops as well as their women’s group “Feminine Sanctification”.

Signe and Timian always manage to create a particularly safe space where, as a participant, you are vulnerable, to let go and be receptive. They have an eye for each individual, and help if someone needs extra healing or support to let go of something.

They are super professional and skilled in their approach, but at the same time they give the feeling that they are on par with the participants. This means that the classical “teacher-student” constellation does not arise, but rather a dymamic teaching form, where Signe and Timian are very involved. In addition, one can clearly notice that the processes that we are passing through are processes that the two themselves have been in contact with, which makes it enormously authentic.

The content and plan are continuously adapted to suit us as a group and what we need to get processed, rather than just a “standard” model. This means that the content always feels meaningful and relevant. Signe and Timian each have forces that complement each other super well, making them the perfect team.

Their dance meditations can be something special. Rarely I have experienced such an effective “method” to be able to let go of myself and get in touch with energies that are otherwise closed in the daily life. It should really be tested. I personally become completely “high” of it.  Signe and Timian get my warmest recommendations.”

– Christina Isabelle Bjerre

Former participant

“Laughter and cry, fear and joy, music and dance – all in one wild mix.

I am completely blown backwards by the power, insight and wisdom Signe and Timian bring to their workshops – and I feel incredibly safe every single time, despite the fact that there are both deep and harsh subjects in play. They hold the most beautiful space and with their great love projector they stand open arms with an insistent invitation to bring forth all the old shadows, wounds and stories.

To me, it is the perfect culmination of several years of self-development work, and I really feel that I’m experiencing a transformation fase. My confidence in the universe is growing and I am deeply grateful for the role that these two women have come to play in this stage of my journey through life.”

– Light & Love Lotte

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