The Divine Feminine

The Divine Feminine is the mystery of life, it is the cycle of life and death, it is everything in creation – from the most subtle sensation of things and people becoming more alive, to everything in destruction – old patterns and systems breaking down, because they are to rigid.

In many spiritual circles the soft side of The Divine Feminine has been glamorized, the loving, the caring, the devoting, the supportive, the intuitive and the wise. But the power of transformation and destruction has not been valued as much.

Culturally we have not been allowed for many generations to be in contact with our The Wild Woman archetype, and so we are missing a whole side of The Divine Feminine. We are as women tamed, and men have tamed their feminine side, and therefore it is inferior to the masculine side.

Both the feminine and the masculine nature have a wild and extrovert side to it and a more introvert and soft side of expression. But because of the patriarchal structure of our society woman has not been allowed to be wild and ruthless, so we are not so familiar with The Divine Feminine Wild side.

Nevertheless we give into this power in therapy and healing and group workshops, and we have these processes in medicine and in surgery. We destroy to be able to heal. We use it in gardening when we cut down trees and flowers, so they are able to grow bigger and more beautiful.

The ocean and nature has this wild feminine side, and we have been forced to accept it, but we fear it, and that is the key to the blocking in ourselves – we fear it. We fear the power of transformation and destruction. And of course we do, because it is extraordinary powerful, and we need clarity, love and wisdom to honor the power for the highest good. And there will always be resistance for change even in the human structure. The ego/self doesn’t want to be broken down, destructed and transformed into the power of the soul.

Both men and women fear the power of destruction, because it is done everyday in a negative form in the physical world, it is done by not giving any attention to somebody, by not believing in them, by not supporting, by not listening, by not answering, and it is happening every day subconsciously between adults and children, adults and adults and between children. This is dangerous destruction, when it is not for the higher good of everyone.

The power of The Divine Feminine and the untamed Wild Woman get awakened by the urge to create bigger, to influence more, to change the world. The Wild Woman is the fire of The Divine Feminine nature, and it is essential in both women and men.

As women we need it, to take action and not get distracted, and we need it to be in the equation of helping and saving the world, otherwise we are always the one giving and never the one receiving. The Wild Woman has a higher perspective in mind and does not accept getting exploited.

In men it is important too to give the feminine side value, and not underestimate the power of caring, nursing and being connected to the intuitive nature. If Men’s feminine side is managed by their masculine side, it does not get much space in themself. And if Men has a strong feminine side and it does not include The Wild Divine Feminine nature, they will have a hard time manifesting things in the world, giving others too much space, and being too flexible. All the same shadows as a woman that is very influenced by the feminine nature without having contact to their inner Wild Woman.

Creative expression and healing powers comes from The Wild Divine Feminine nature source. You cannot heal without destroying and building up the new. The Wild Divine Feminine energy is in the Hindu tradition portrayed as Tara with her power to transform, and in Kali with her power to destroy. It can be an opening for many of us to study Tara or Kali and work with getting access to these energies in ourselves.

If we want to gain access to our full power and greatness, we need to be courageous and see with clarity – what is – and relate to that. Clarity and the willingness to see how things are, come first. Then we have to find out what is our desire, and what is required. Then it is good to own our Wild Divine Feminine nature to change things, and not be afraid to be unpopular or too much. If you transform you will shake other peoples worlds and they will react if they come out of their comfort zone. Tara, Kali and The Wild Woman transform and destroy regardless for the highest good of everyone.

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