Transformation process

It is interesting that the human system is in so much resistance to change and to let go of control. I am myself in a crazy, wild and relentless spiritual process, and from that space I will share and tune in on the concept of being in a transformational process.

First I will mention that the energies since Christmas and across New Year has been very intense. And the invitation has been to look at all of our shadows and old traumas, as well as our connection to the collective subconsciousness, and to transform it, so we can live permanently from a higher vibration. But, but, but it takes courage and discipline to get through it.

The transformational process is often both physically, psychologically and mentally challenging. The energy field is working very intensely, especially when we have been working on thought patterns and belief systems or have had big openings or rewiring in the brain area, because that will change both the emotional body and the physical body completely, and it can feel like we get torned apart. We can feel low and confused, we can feel dizzy and in pain and we can even feel anxiety. The art of transformation is how we react to it. We can either try to fight it and insist on behaving and living as we normally do, or we can loose grip on ourselves and let go even more, which will bring us deeper in the transformational process.

When we go into a process that actually transforms, and not just reactivate old wounds, we have allowed ourselves to be vulnerable enough and conscious enough to let go of our control. And control is often what is holding us back from becoming our full potential, and going fully into the next level of consciousness, so we should really be watching out for our own self control. And still when we want to transform and let go, there can be some resistance and control in our system from shadows and the subconsciousness.

If we are used to being in a spiritual or psychological process we should be careful that we don’t confuse our transformation with being activated and acting out our old pattern in a new more casual way. And how can we tell the difference? Normally when we transform, everything breaks down, and we do not react in any of our old patterns. We find ourselves doing, feeling and thinking something completely different. And we are not sure exactly what is going on. If we feel secure and on top of the world, or familiar with the patterns in our transformational process, it might be that we are not transforming at all.

So you have to know yourself and understand your old patterns and see when your wounds are activating your defence system, to know what is going on. When we are activated by old wounds our vibration is terribly low, and when we transform our vibration is higher. But for most people this is difficult to register.

When we transform, our normal defence system is down, and our soul and helpers takes over. The mind will try to fight the new if you have not exhausted yourself enough. If you have exhausted yourself enough in life, by trying to figure everything out, and trying to do the “right thing”, and it never turned out right anyway, you will finally give up and give in.

When we are in an energetic transformational process, whether it is spiritual or psychological, it will change either thought patterns or emotional patterns and that will change the physical body – brain, nervous system, cells, organs etc. and that is why it feels so extreme, when we are going through it. We are being rewired and changed in many ways, and the best thing to do, is to forget who we were and be completely open for who we are now, and who we are going to be. And ask “Who am I now?” “And what do I like and feel and think now?” “And what do I want now?” Because we really don’t know. When we change, we change, and we have to experience the changes in ourselves, before we allow the change to unfold and be our new reality.

Some deep healing processes can take years to integrate because we are not willing to experience ourselves in the new state of being, we bring in the past, and all our conclusions. We repeat our story, we repeat all the difficult, all the negative, and we can simply not just let go, and just experience life moment to moment. When the intensity is up, we get scared, because it reminds us of our wounds, but we can learn to tell the difference. When we vibrate in the same intensity as our wounds, we know our self, our defense system, our story and the world. This is alarming.

When we vibrate in higher vibrations than our wounds we get vulnerable, insecure, don’t know what is going on, we get confused and want to run away or hide, and this is good, it will help us break free. And it is okay to feel down, tired, confused, disoriented and lost. When we transform, the invitation is to detach even more emotionally and mentally to the roles we are identifying with, and by doing that we transform quicker and deeper.

It is such a puzzle for the body to calibrate into the new state of being because of all the changes in the energy system, chakra system or other systems. So if we want to help ourselves through this process we should lean back, and sleep a lot and be open for new behaviour, new ways of seeing life, others and oneself. And we should be gentle, kind and caring towards ourselves. Every transformational process is like a birth into being more of us and more present in the moment, and what better way to give birth, than to be in total love and allowance with ourselves, which will give the best process and the best results.

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