Trust is a tricky concept; it can be dangerous just to choose to be trusting with the mind. And it is difficult to work isolated with trust on our spiritual path, because there is a reason for whether it is there or not. And we should not force it. The main trust issue is trusting ourselves. After that, we have trusting other people, and then trusting life and trusting The Universe/God and Mother Earth, which are all influenced by our encodings and imprints and how much we have transformed and released on our path.

So is trust our nature? When we are babies and small children we are just present and trusting, but it is a good thing that we watch and learn and find out, that not all people can be trusted. So we cannot surrender into trust before our own reality is trustworthy. Trust is like love. It opens up for us all of a sudden, and then it is there, because it is safe and possible to trust.

If we are challenged with a life surrounded by people who are not paying attention to us and who are not watching out for our best interests, we should not choose to trust. We should work on ourselves so intensely, that our reality change. And that is how we can affect our relationship to trust.

I have been working with implementing The Queen Archetype energy into all aspects of my life. And I can see that trust shows up in my life in a different way. I have always felt a deep desire to give and help others, but I have also many times crossed my own boundaries and ended up burned out and reacting to strongly towards the people pushing my buttons. In this pattern it is impossible and unwise to trust anybody including myself. But now, when I am rooting my Queen Archetype and my authority, I trust myself to make the right choices to give to others in a balanced way, and I am receiving trust in a completely new way.

It is so important that the process of trusting other people is not a blindfold process, where you decide to trust others and their agendas no matter what. We should focus on being trustworthy ourselves in order to choose good people around us, and we should pay attention and see what is going on between ourselves and other people. We also need to choose how close we want to relate to various people in our life. Not all people have our best interests in mind.

We cannot trust life before we can trust our own behavior, and trusting our own behavior has to do with standing up for ourselves, being caring and respectful towards ourselves. Before that point, we create a lot of disturbance in our life. We have to be able to take care of ourselves to create a safe life environment. We need to priorities ourselves, our time and our energy.

Often trust goes through ourselves, before it becomes embodied in the physical reality. But we are born with different conditions and some of us have to hit bottom, before we give in to trust and ask God for help. In that moment we can not resist anymore and we give our issues and worries to God, and trust that we get help. At this point we open to receive trust and we surrender to God before we even trust ourselves and are trustworthy ourselves. In both cases trust is the result of a certain new level of consciousness on our spiritual path.

The energy of trusting is in a way related to our knowing, because the energy of trusting is really powerful and solid, in contrast to hoping, which is a more open and insecure energy. If we think hoping is the same as trusting, we will get into trouble. So we have to be aware of our self-delusion around hoping and trusting. Who are we kidding? And who are we giving the benefits of the doubt? And the million dollar question is, who are we loyal to?

Loyalty is the key to trust and we are the key to our own loyalty. If we are loyal to ourselves, we will do everything it takes to create a trustworthy reality in our life, where others, life and The Universe/God support us. This requires self-discipline on our spiritual path and conscious decisions in all aspects of our life. And just holding the intention of reaching the point where we can be 100% loyal towards ourselves, will influence our choices and our life.

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