What is it to be truthful to oneself?

Being true to ourselves is more a state of consciousness than something the thoughts can meassure. Truth is everything in alignment with who we are in our essence/our soul. And often we just know what our truth is regardless of our thoughts and beyond reason.

So if we are in alignment with ourselves, our truth is what we act out in life. But it requires being willing to listen to our inner voice, and not stay in our mind, wanting something to be in a certain way, or not wanting to be vulnerable with ourselves and running away from the pain and other emotions.

Life will constantly give us the opportunity to be in alignment with our truth. And many times it is not pleasent to see what is there, because it is thoughts, emotions and illusions that we have been hiding away, pretending they didn’t exist. I have just been confronted with my own pain and feeling less than and being insecure, in a love connection. And for the first time in my life I was really willing to look at my own stuff, and it has brought so much consciousness into my life. I was willing to seek my own truth, and not reading into what was required of me or what role I should fulfill to fit in, so that I could be loved. And feeling and acting my truth has giving me an opportunity to really be present with myself and be there for myself.

That is empowerment, also when sorrow rises, and despair that it couldn’t develop into more. If I had not been able to act my truth I would have gone into powerlessness. And from that space I could never have unfolded who I am. I would have made myself smaller, and made love smaller, and life smaller. And everything would have ended up feeling all wrong.

When we love, when we give, when we choose, when we live and when we receive, we can either be and act from our truth or we can run away from it, and deny it, because we don’t dare to look at our own issues and pain.

For me it helps knowing my own intention of life, because it makes it so visible when I am compromising myself and not being my truth. Our intention of life is what we desire, and what we are pulled towards, and what makes us joyful, it correspond with our truth. If our truth and our intentions are two different things we are lying to ourselves. Then we are not willing to look at everything within ourselves, and we get lost. Sometimes we need a big life chrises to wake us up, so we can demand from ourselves that we want to live accordingly to our truth.

And looking at things in ourselves is more about containing them, allowing the emotions to be as they are. When we feel sadness for not being held, not being seen, not being chosen, not being understood, not being honoured. When we feel the fear of separation, the fear of not being enough, the fear of being alone, the fear of not being loved. We are powerful beings and we have the capacity to contain every emotion and every thought and idea we own.

How can we be in our own truth and give and receive love?

As we know we can give love from many different spaces within ourselves. We can have a subconscious pattern of giving in order to feel worthy to be loved. We can also be in our own truth, holding our own space and be in a stream of love that is centered around ourselves, and from that space spreading love out into the world. If we give love and feel unhappy, something is wrong, giving love from a healthy space where we are true toward ourselves will always make us joyful.

When we are in our own truth we are joyful, because we are, and do and behave accordingly to our essence/our soul. When we are unhappy, we have to look at why this is happening, and see if we are acting out something that is not in alignment with our truth.

I have made a commitment to myself never to compromise myself, and if I do, I would try to correct it as soon as possible. This will also empower other people. It might not give them what they want, but it will contribute to them finding their own truth. Not to compromise myself is about not going into powerlessness, and it requires that I am being aware of what is going on in my life, and looking after myself, caring for myself. I think our most important job is not to limit ourselves, and not to compromise our greatness, and we do that by living accordingly to our truth.

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