The Inner Flow Writing Method

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Do you know the feeling of having something on your mind that you would like to express in writing? It can either be professionally or privately? But then you become distracted by your thoughts that evaluate every word and line you write, and you are thrown off your stride, again. Consequently, after some time, you lose your enthusiasm because the words and sentences are not really expressing what is on your mind, or what you wish to say from your heart.

Do you lack the creative flow in your writing where the process is easy and full of joy? Are you able to say what you want to say in a personal way where the receiver can feel it is coming from you? Do you think this is not something you are able to do or that you need to possess a certain creative talent in order to write this way? Or that learning to write like this will take a very long time? Well, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Through the Inner Flow Writing Method you will get access to your natural writing flow. It is a creative and psychological method that brings you into a more open state of mind where you have full access to your writing flow, which will improve your texts and the actual writing process.

The Inner Flow Writing Method, among others, works on liberating you from your inner critical voice which easily can sabotage your writing flow by activating criticism when you write. Letting go of your inner critical voice will give you more freedom to express yourself in writing through your creative writing flow. You will be able to really express what is on your mind and in your heart.

Workshop content
  • Different types of stimulating writing tasks.
  • Writing flow techniques.
  • Guided meditations that releases your creative flow and transforms your inner critic.
  • Introduction to The Inner Flow Writing Method where you will get in contact with the parts of you that will transform your writing process and let you write with your most personal writing voice. Plus, integration and anchoring of the method to make it easier for you to get access to it on a daily basis.
  • A writing model regarding time and focus.
Teacher and facilitator

Signe S. C. Rosenweis developed The Inner Flow Writing Method back in 2011 and has since taught the method on several workshops. The lessons shift between writing exercises and meditations which transforms and improves the approach to the writing flow for each individual. During the workshop, The Inner Flow Writing Method, Signe works with the psychological and creative aspects in a meditative form in order to change old blockades fast and thereby create access to new creative resources immediately.

Signe S. C. Rosenweis has dealt with creative work and creative processes in the film industry for 25 years, and she has, furthermore, worked intensively with psychological and consciousness-opening processes and techniques for more than 20 years. She is trained in multiple meditation techniques and healing systems that expand consciousness.

Signe has previously been connected to Den Gyldne Cirkel (a centre that has its roots in Theosophy) and she has worked extensively with healing, therapy and meditation focusing on expanding consciousness. Signe has always had the ability to heal, hold space and work with energy and transformation processes – based on this she has developed this releasing writing method.


Copenhagen or Charlottenlund


The price is 2.100 kr. per person including VAT.

Discount for students and unemployed.

There will be vegetarian lunch and tea/coffee and snacks.


Signe • mobile 40 45 60 11 •

Former participantAfter having participated in Signe’s writing workshop a couple of years back, I really found my own voice as a writer. The workshop strengthened my self-confidence and my belief around my abilities to write. I absolutely recommend participating in the workshop if you want to improve your writing in every aspect, from simple letters to longer and more profound texts.– Kapser Graversen, Producer.Former participantI warmly recommend Signe’s writing workshop – I participated in a workshop a couple of years back, and l both obtained a flow in my writing and faith in my own creativity.– Hans Fabian Wullenweber, Film Director.Former participant

“In the years where I’ve worked with writing, I’ve tried several courses and approaches to writing, men none of it has been as effective and useful as Signe’s workshop “Find your unique writing voice”. At the workshop I discovered a new approach to writing. Besides doing writing exercises, Signe offers the opportunity for each participant to find their best “place” possible to write from. It takes place through a series of meditations and specific exercises, that are anchored in the body, which gives each participant the opportunity to bring all of you in to the writing process, instead just being driven by the result. Instead the whole process is in focus, which in the end gives you better results.

The workshop offers a technique, which makes it possible to get started to write despite mood, stress and so on. Since I’ve participated in the workshop, my writing process has become easier and far more joyous. There is more flow in my writing and instead of postpone my work, I’m now looking forward to writing and I get restless if I don’t have the time to write. I would highly recommend Signe’s workshop for all writers, regardless if they have just begun writing or they have been writing for years. And the workshop is suitable for everyone who has a dream of writing, but who has not yet thrown themselves into it.”

– Victoria Ellen Gibson, Screenwriter.

Former participant

I participated in Signe’s writing workshop a couple of years ago and I can warmly recommend it. I suffered from a writing blockade when I signed up for the workshop. It is something I have suffered from a lot in periods, but thanks to Signe’s method the problem was solved and hasn’t reoccurred since. Her workshops are deeply inspiring, competent and they work! You get the possibility of starting your new writing journey immediately at the workshop and I think that is impressive!

– Judith Stage, Acupuncturist.

Former participant

“For years I felt like I was about to burst with words not being able to come out, where the tension betweeen blockages and lack of faith in my own voice, held me back from just letting the words flow. After Signe’s writing workshop I felt like had taken a huge and very important step in the process, ande even now to monhts later, her meditations can bring me to a very special place inside myself – this unique place, where I feel the most in contact with the source and my own core.

I would highly recommend Signe’s transformational workshops. But don’t just think that it ends with the writing process! You should know, that the workshop opens up the potential for transformation on many levels, and perhaps your life will never be the same again, after a day in the company of Signe and her power.

Personally I’m deeply thankful for everything I got from it, and not to mention all that has unfolded in the wake of it.”

– Lotte Reiter, Nature therapist.

Former participant

“Dear Signe,

I just want to thank you for a fantastic day at the writing workshop during the weekend. I’m totally excited!! My writing energy is refueled, my writing process is upgraded and I’m clearly freed from blockages and “old junk, which for a long time has stood between me and my free writing process. The creativity is finally in a free flow and it feels indescribably wonderful. I just feel more clear and far more effective in a different and unconstrained way. I’m just super happy and satisfied. So 1000 1000 times thank you for a surprisingly cozy and professionally rewarding day in super nice and inspiring company.”

– Love, Pia Hagel

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