The Inner Flow Writing Method

Saturday the 20th of June 2020 • 10-17

• Write unique texts
• Write with all your power and creativity
• Write easy, fast and joyful

Signe offer a practical writing workshop, where you constantly write texts. The Inner Flow Writing Method is a creative psychological development process, where you get access to new resources within yourself. The process unfolds from exercise to exercise and the resources become anchored through guided meditations so you easily can use them in your everyday life.

The workshop programme:

• Different types of challenging writing exercises.
• Writing Flow techniques, where we get into a creative flow mode.
• Guided meditations where we integrate and anchored all the new resources that we find throughout the course. So we easily can use them in our everyday lives.
• Voice Dialogue techniques, where we become aware of our different writing voices.
• Writing Model in four steps, that can be used for all types of texts.

The workshop is aimed both to you, who work professionally with writing and for you who are a student and you who have a deep personal interest in working with yourself and dive into your creativity and find your most personal writing voice.
At the workshop we work with

The Teacher

Signe S. C. Rosenweis has worked professionally with creative work and creative processes in the film business for 20 years. She has beside that worked more then 18 years with intense psychological and consciousness expanding processes. She is trained in various meditation and healing systems. She has formerly been part of The Golden Circle (a center based in the tradition of Theosophy), and has worked a lot with expanding meditation techniques and spiritual therapy in groups.


Wildersgade Filmhus. Wildersgade 32, 1408 København K


The price is 2100 Danish kroner pr. person (including VAT)
Discount for students and unemployed.

There will be vegetarian lunch and tea/coffee and snacks.


Signe • mobile 40 45 60 11 •

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