Loving attention

Give your body and human nature loving attention in your spiritual growth.

The body and the soul long to be aligned. They do not want to be opposite which the mind often thinks they are. The soul loves the body and would gladly upgrade it with its beautiful vibration, but it can only happen when we take care of both our spiritual and human system. Taking care of our human system does not always mean being super fit, eating the right things, being energized, being focused or having a direction in life.

Everything has a phase and we need to be in tune with which phase we are in. I have just personally come out of a year of being in a cocoon, as in a butterfly cocoon. I worked very intensely with myself, channelled big insights for a new healing system, built a working relationship with another lovely healer and I am creating new, innovative workshops with her. I had a lot of healings and made a short film so everything was very innovative, but it didn’t get a lot of applause. It didn’t generate new projects to come my way. I was in my cocoon doing my things. I was gaining weight and I was eating more because I needed more energy. I could not get much energy from the outside because I was in the cocoon. It was impossible to lose weight and exercise from that space, and it was impossible to be fully seen in that space.

We normally make ourselves wrong for gaining weight or for inspiring the world with beautiful projects that are appreciated but don’t pay the bill, and don’t take us to the next level of attracting new projects. Giving our body and human nature loving attention in our spiritual growth requires evaluating what phase we are actually in while checking in with what we are guided to do each day. We need to feel what is right for us and accept that life is constantly pulsing through different phases as part of our growth. Those days when I made myself wrong for having gained weight and for not making enough money were days when I would argue with my son and others. I was not being the best version of myself. Those days when I could accept the situation by appreciating the magic of the transformation in my energy system and all the new projects I was creating without applause from the world were the days when I felt at ease with life. I was in joy with my son and all others. It is so important that we stop making ourselves wrong; only we know what is really going on in our lives.

We should remain aware that accepting a more quiet life can also be an excuse in settling for less and never thinking bigger; again we have to sense what phase we are in. For me, the shift was quite big and dramatic from one phase to another. I would register the shift, and would feel right away that something new was now possible. The shift can also be more subtle. This is when we have to be even more aware. Often the shift happens when we really let go of all the old stuff. The shift is never about weight or money or anything like that. It is always about letting go of the heavy stuff that we have been working on for years.

The benefits of listening to the phase is joy. If we appreciate the inner changes, as well as the outer stagnation, it will offer us the ease to focus on the inner life which will bring us joy. If we exercise and eat well with ease, as well as make a good living expressing ourselves, we will feel more joy. For me, being able to get into shape again, lose weight and gain more energy has brought me a lot of joy. In my case, it was suddenly easier to move my body and to interact with the world again. If I had missed that opportunity by concluding that I was still in an inner phase, I would have held myself back. We have to be present with ourselves everyday to discern what is happening.

How many of us focus on how we take care of ourselves? We take care of our children and our partners, our family, friends and pets. We should ask ourselves questions each morning such as ”What do I need today? What would contribute something positive to my life? What phase am I in? How can I feel loved and supported in this period?” If we can gain the awareness of taking care of our physical selves alongside our spiritual journey where we can be challenged in certain areas of life, it will empower us and prevent us from projecting onto others to take care of us. Being loving towards ourselves is also essential for our spiritual growth while opening our heart to the next level. The heart is the portal for the soul. If our goal is to reach a new level of soul contact, we need to create a loving environment in and around ourselves. If we are our own oppressor, it is important that we wake up to see it and choose something different.

The funny part is that giving our bodies and human nature loving attention in our spiritual growth will both give us ease on our journey. It will speed up our transformational process. Offering loving attention to ourselves with the intention of being gentle will transform much more than giving loving attention from the ambition of gaining our spiritual gold.

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