Open your heart

We all know that a big part of our spiritual development goes through opening our heart. But it is also very abstract for us. And the question is, how can we work on this consciously? First we need to work on our basic understanding of ourselves psychologically, and after a while we are ready to work more spiritually and energetically.

Working on ourselves psychologically in therapy, can not stand alone, there are still energetic imprints of all our issues. But the process of understanding what is going on inside ourselves and in relations to other people, and wanting to change, is part of dealing with our karma and our ego structure. And when we are ready to really transform old issues, we start our spiritual path.

The heart is tricky, we hide things away in the heart, and that is why we have to look at ourselves in all aspects. Most of us are afraid to be loved, and that has to do with the pain and traumas we have experienced in life. We need to find out how to heal that. We hide away the part of our heart that is most fragile, and it is meant to be that way, because we have to protect the heart, until we are in a permanently higher vibration, so that the heart can open in a safe environment.

The heart is sensitive, it cannot survive everything, so we have to take care of ourselves, and that has to do with having healthy boundaries and transforming our Florence Nightingale encodings to help everybody else before ourselves. And it has to do with having a healthy and protected physical and energetic system. The hidden parts in the heart and the flower structure of the heart will open when it is time, but we can speed up the process for getting ready.

When we start focusing on the heart it is a good idea to begin sensing our inner world through our heart and asking for our own truth. We can seek guidance from our heart, taking all our focus and awareness from our thoughts and our emotions into our heart and just be aware, and maybe ask a question. The heart is directly connected to our soul, and we are more connected with our body if we go through our heart to our soul. If we seek a stronger permanent soul connection, we have to go through the heart to bring our spiritual awareness into our human embodiment.

We can also connect our heart chakra with the heart chakra of God/The Universe. This works very well in meditations, and it will over time help opening our heart chakra more. When we work with the heart we have to work back to back with our fear. Because our fear is what is holding us back from going to our greatness and stay permanently in a higher vibration. Our greatness and our full power is a unique gift in every single one of us, and we should not accept getting held back.

Every time we become aware of a deeper fear or trauma we can work with it energetically. And it is perfect to discover new layers of our fear over time because it can be too overwhelming to work on everything at once. When we work with fear we should be careful that we do not go into the emotions of fear and anxiety, we should just see the patterns in a higher perspective and cleanse it out, or get help to cleanse it out. It is very important never to look at yourself as a victim, and if you get help with your issue you have to find a healer that does not see you as a victim, because it will make it impossible to release the issue.

A heart opening is both a very physical and energetic experience. The actual heart will be in pain for many months as a side effect, but the energetic release will happen in one moment, and you will experience yourself differently in some aspects of both your human and your spiritual nature. The heart chakra has 12 petals, and we can be lucky to open more than one petal in an incarnation, in some spiritual systems they believe the petals open in threes.  Sometimes there is only a veil covering the petals. In that case we need to find out what traumas created the veil and work on the trauma energetically.

When our heart chakra opens more, we can feel and see ourselves so much more, and that creates an enormous ease in our system. We become more trustful, because we see things clearer, and it means we can see true danger and we can see the illusions of fear. Which makes it safe to receive love and life, and it makes us clear to give without trading. In a way we start honoring our heart, and our choices will be different. We will start treating ourselves more loving and respectful.

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