Our own reality

It is one of our primary human struggles to get into our own reality, and a big task on our spiritual path. Being in our own reality is navigating in our life from our souls’ perspective, and choosing what is best for us. Instead of living from the physical world’s reality where we have to fit in and behave a certain way to get accepted.

We can also be pulled into other people’s reality, if they need us, or loves us, or want us, we can sense their reality so much that we think it is ours. We have to pay attention, so we do not undermine ourselves and overlook our reality.

We can end up in relationships that only fulfill the other person without even noticing it, because we are so much in their reality. And we can do things for other people, without noticing that it is not a desire in our reality. We have the biggest responsibility towards ourselves, so we need to focus on what is our reality and what is other people’s reality.

I have always been very stressed about what other people required of me, and what life required of me; how could I contribute, how could I support other people’s needs, reading into the dynamic of relationships, groups and life in general. Always ready to lift somebody up and help them into presence, so we could do what we were suppose to do. This is being in the physical world’s reality, and we will never get to the next level of consciousness from that space.

We have to seek our own truth, and find our way into our own reality? Our inner truth is a moment-to-moment based truth, not one great truth that rules it all. It requires a willingness to be aware in every moment of our life. Constantly asking: does this contribute to my life? Is this what I really want? And if not, having enough respect for oneself, that we change our choices.

I have found out that all the projections of guilt and blame, trap us in other people’s reality. The projections are very intense energetically, and lies around our body in our energy system, almost keeping us prisoners of how the world sees us. I recommend that we get these massive layers energetically cleansed out. As well as all the roles and masks we are wearing.

We can always work on our own issues with prayers and meditation, but we can also work with self-healing where we use colors. Asking the body what color it needs to release a certain theme, and then taking in that color in a massive stream all over the body.

Lately I have been very interested in the Archetype The Queen, the ultimate female authority. When she works for the highest good of the world and support others in being and doing their best, she is totally in her own reality. She has healthy boundaries towards herself and others and she knows her worth. She sees what she can contribute with in the world and she does it. The Queen (and the King for men) can help us getting into our own reality, by bringing awareness of which parts of the Queen/King we do not own yet.

The Queen and the King does not hold the energy for the “Janteloven”, which refers to the collective subconsciousness, that tells us that we should not be to great, or do too well, or get too much attention. It tells us that we have to fit in, and be like everybody else. If this energy and these imprints have a big grab in us, we need to put our intention on getting out of this trap. We can work on getting it cleansed out but we can also rise above it.

If we rise in consciousness level and live from a higher vibration than the collective subconsciousness, we will be free too. And we will be free from the dysfunctional relationships we have, because it does not stick to us any more. The change can happen from one day to the other, and we can suddenly feel that we are not invested in it any more, and we have the freedom to leave the relationship, because we have raised above the other persons vibrational level.

We do not have to leave everyone behind us, but we will want to leave some relationships, because they do not resonate in us anymore. We can still be grateful for the presents we got and the presents we gave. When it is time to move on, and we get into our own reality, we will sense a new level of inner peace and balance and determination. It is like everything gets very clear and it is obvious which way we should go. We will be attracted to the qualities of peace, balance and determination in our life, and we will start creating these qualities in all our relationships and in our everyday life.

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