Pull towards Mother Earth

Over these last couple of weeks since the eclipse, I have been extremely pulled towards mother earth on a deeper level. I have worked on releasing myself totally into this merge. This strong pull down into the soil is new, as I have always sought out higher vibrations while merging upwards with God/The Universe. This new downward pull is not a grounding pull; it is a pull towards the consciousness of mother earth.

I have worked daily with re-coding, healing, prayers and investigation. I can see everything accelerating, like my timeline is being compressed, so the challenges come rapidly one after another. Each challenge can only be energetically resolved inside myself.

It feels as if, when we seek a closer relationship with mother earth, we are assisted in looking more deeply at our human relationships. In my healings I can see how the energy of other people’s projections lies around us as a fog. And how our own projections creates a fog around other people that makes it impossible to really see and enjoy them.

I have investigated what happens when other people really don’t want us to succeed. I see the same kind of implants that I see when I get permission to heal and release karmic stuff in people’s bodies and energy systems. It is really quite alarming as to how much we affect each other’s lives.

If someone is consciously or unconsciously jealous, envious, or they don’t want us to succeed for some reason, it can energetically interfere with us and slow us down. I have spent much time clearing other people’s energies from my system. The other week, I began asking for insights on not to be affected by other people’s projections and attacks. And there are different elements to it, one is to raise our vibration permanently, two is clearing out the victim energy patterns from our bodies and energy systems.

Clearing out these patterns are again in two steps, changing the course of the patterns and cleansing out the old state of the patterns in our body and energy system. The victim/aggressor dynamic is the main dysfunctional dynamic on planet earth and we all have it in different degrees. We can work on regulating it by becoming fully aware of our behavior. We can also work on it energetically through healing with various types of therapy. The victim imprints seem to affect our connection to mother earth.

The power of prayer is underestimated. If you want to work on yourself, then set your intention and work deeply in prayer and meditation to clear the pattern and change the course of the patterns. You can pray for healing by contacting the kingdom of angels, your personal helpers, or the masters.

When we have been cleansing out enough and gone into higher vibrations, I have experience the advantage of changing timeline. It is important not to do it before we are shown how to because we have to be ready. It is very interesting that the changing of timelines is somehow connected to the consciousness of mother earth.

Many of us also have a lot of encodings to save the world and to save other people. The decisions and encodings are making it difficult to walk our own path. If we want a higher level of freedom, these agreements that we have made within ourselves need to be cleared. And it is a big relief to understand that our job is to walk our own path. Saving others is an illusion. At the same time, saving and helping are not the same. And we can help much more from a space of awareness than from a space where we are overworked trying to save everyone else.

As we get more connected to God/The Universe, it lightens up our system and we radiate more light out into the world. As we get more deeply connected to mother earth, we bring light into her. At the same time, we cannot bring light into the earth by seeking connection with mother earth alone. We have to also have a strong connection with God/The Universe. The birth of all new happens when the spirit and the matter are united.

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