The physical world is an intense place to be. We have many ups and downs and often life does not make any sense before we step into our spiritual path. Even then life does not always make sense, but if we stick to our path and work step by step with the intention to raise our consciousness and get more freedom, love, joy, peace and harmony, we are on the right track.

We should allow ourselves to sense the beauty of both God and life and let that sensory perception be our leading star. Working with ourselves can be both hard and painful especially when we need to let go of everything we think we are and want to be. And letting go can be a complicated job, but if we practice and focus on the intention of letting go, it will succeed.

Not many people are willing to let go completely; most people just want to have a little more comfort in their life. And that is perfectly okay, just be aware. Do not look for the big change, if you are not willing to change everything and lose everything. Be honest with yourself. Our intention is one of the most important tools in our self-development.

For many spiritual people it is also hard work to open up and allowing ourselves to receive. We have a tendency to want to control so much that we end up not receiving much. Receiving is one of our biggest challenges. Feeling that we deserve to receive, and that we are worthy of receiving. Daring to receive, not wanting to protect ourselves. Unconsciously feeling it is safer to be strong and avoid receiving. We have many different reasons to resist receiving, but the common pattern is having received to much dysfunctional behavior and abuse from other people. It makes us unconsciously resisting to receive, so we should take it very seriously cleansing out everything that is blocking our willingness to receive.

I have always desired just to be presents in life, without constantly having to do or be what other people requires of me. Being the space of me that is not defined, and not only in meditations, healings and workshops, but in everyday life. Living from that space. Not taking life so seriously. I have learned to take life very seriously, and I have worked hard on letting go of that, because being over-responsible and very serious always held me back from going to the next level of my spiritual path.

When I started my path I had so much “baggage” that I could only overcome taking one step at a time, and in a way that helped me, just taking one step at a time every day for 17 years. And one step at a time has been attending many workshops, healings and therapies before my own healing skills made a quantum leap, and I could start working on myself. Asking for help and choosing to receive in workshops, healings and therapies taught me to receive more and dealing with my receiving issues.

I disagree with the spiritual teachings that categorizes the ego as the dynamic and talkative side of us, where we get attention from others. I think it is totally misunderstood that we should suppress our energy, enthusiasm, talents and greatness. If we do that we are resisting receiving ourselves. We shall allow our greatness and our big energy, and we can easily do that with an open heart-chakra, and a deep desire for doing well in this world. It is not more honorable to be timid and introvert.

We all have our own path of getting out of karma and transforming our ego structure. A big part of the ego structure is being judgmental. If we want to be free, we need to get rid of all judgments and conclusions about ourselves and others and stop defining everything. We should be as open and curious as children again, taking in love and life in all aspects.

The spiritual path will take us through a rebirth, leaving the old structure behind and confronting us with our biggest challenge. The Threshold Guardian will try to stop us and drag us back into our old behavior patterns, therefore we need to build a lot of self-discipline to overcome it. Our determination can lead us out of our limitations, into the unknown, because we don’t know how to be in the world from that new perspective. So we must surrender and let go, like the beautiful Phoenix who burns and become ashes and then rise again, totally transformed, flying high towards the sky.

When we are reborn as the Phoenix, we are untouchable, and we do not care what others think about us and we do not try to fit in. We just shine and stand in our greatness. It is like getting a new life in the same incarnation. We get clarity, and detach from the past – it is not better to have a good childhood than a bad. Good and bad does not exist anymore, only experience and growth. We stop planning the future and we become present here and now. Life is simple. There is suddenly nothing wrong with us and there is nothing we have to do and be, other than what we are.

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