The battle of life

As a child, I had constantly stomach ache. I felt all people’s emotions and energies. I was automatically healing and processing their issues in my body. I felt extremely unsafe, alert, and alone. I didn’t understand why people behaved like they did demeaning each other, attacking, criticizing, shutting down, being in their own bubble, not being present, and not daring to feel their emotions.

As a grown up, I can see what is going on when I react by attacking. Most of the time it is because I cannot fully own my emotions. I cannot fully stay in the feeling of someone hurting my child or someone behaving carelessly towards me. I cannot fully own my disappointments or the effect of the roles other people project onto me. If I could own and feel my own emotions, I would not have to attack back and I would not be in the battle of life.

What if we could get out of the battle of life by not allow ourselves to react negatively? What if all it takes is to embrace our emotions by basically training and allowing ourselves to feel what we feel in any given moment? It is so important that we don’t sabotage our own lives and undermine our greatness. We really do that when we react negatively because we descend into a lower vibration than we normally reside in.

The collective unconsciousness wants us to fit in and behave according to the cultural standard and to the morality. It doesn’t want us to be great and extraordinary so we have to raise above that vibration level to be able to live out our greatness, otherwise we will be stuck in the energy that holds us back. When we attack, complain, worry, criticize, and go into negative modes, we disconnect with our higher self and descend into lower vibrations where the collective unconsciousness dominates. Then we become a victim of other people’s actions and dramas.

How do we raise our vibration when that happens? We need to find out what makes us happy because that raises our vibration. It is a good idea to make a list of 4-5 things we can do that will immediately raise us up. Personally, I get my vibe up by dancing and hearing music and sometimes by writing, painting or running. Other people like cooking, gardening, singing, building things etc. It is a good idea to go directly to the activity by choosing to change the energy so we can leave the lower vibration as quickly as possible.

If we can master this task to raise ourselves above the battle of life and create our own life, we can stay in our greatness even though people around us are acting out their insecurity and issues. They don’t always necessarily support that we stay in our greatness because it can make them feel smaller when confronted with their own life choices. That is why it has to be a deep commitment within ourselves to choose to stay in higher vibrations.

Another good idea is to cleanse the energies of other people’s emotions, issues, and reactions that we feel in our body even though it is not ours. We can ask our body what colour it wants to cleanse it out and then we shower in that colour. Afterwards, we ask for a colour that will contribute to our greatness and then we shower in that colour.

If we cannot seem to stop ourselves from going into reaction, we need to deal with our wounded inner child because the wounded inner child will never be able to deal with all of the emotions that requires a grown up. The part of us that still resides in the energy of the wounded inner child is scared and does not feel safe in the world. Our grown-up self needs to make it feel safe and loved. We can work with this issue in therapy, in healings, or in meditations.

Another big player in the battle of life situation that I have come across in my healings are our patterns of abuse both from the collective unconsciousness and from our family genealogy. These patterns are both in our DNA, in our body/cells and in our energy system. There are different ways of clearing these patterns. I have worked in healing systems where it took many years to start the process of clearing out because it is a taboo in our culture to see all the different ways we have experienced abuse, verbally, mentally and so on. When we are ready, we can find a healer that can clear out the patterns of abuse more quickly.

How great would it be if we didn’t feel necklace, or being unfairly treated, feeling less than, worthless or not cared about when people misbehave? In reality, we do not know what is going on in them. Maybe they care as much as they are able. How great would it be if the battle of life stopped and we could experience life from a more relaxed and joyful space? The magic happens when we stay committed to ourselves by not falling into lower vibrations and doing the work on our issues so we can honour the commitment!

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