The stream of Love

The word “love” is such a worn spiritual term. Nevertheless, it is important to address it to open up to the stream of love.

Love is a stream of bliss that is limitless and fully available, but most people are either cut off from the stream or have it in a limited flow. The stream runs from God’s/The Universe’s heart chakra, through your spirit and your soul, and then down into your heart. From your heart, it flows out into your body and energy system and if the stream is powerful, it will flow out towards others and into the world.

The love stream is not the main stream that gives us life. In my healing experiences, the main stream is a fire-like stream of joy that gives everything life. I have found that this is also mentioned in Theosophy studies. In a way, the stream of life force is very masculine and the stream of love is very feminine. In my experience, the love stream is receptive. You cannot force it and you can only work with it if you can receive it yourself. If it is available to you, you become the stream. If it runs through you, and you can also hold the space for the energy, you can work with it in healings and meditations by letting the stream in the whole space flow to others and the world.

Six months ago, I had a fallout with a client that pushed my boundaries. Afterwards, there was a lot of bad energy coming from her. One day, I called her and asked what was going on. She said that she was just sending me love and light. Her intentions were pure enough, but you cannot send love stream energy in the midst of a conflict. And ethically, we should not send each other energies without permission.

If we are hurt in a conflict then we cannot send pure love stream energy to the one we have the conflict with, as we are not sending love: we are sending all kind of subconscious things. If we are powerful creators, we can really do a lot of damage which will not be helpful to our conflict.

Like C. G. Jung says: ” There is no coming to consciousness without pain. People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own Soul. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.”

We always have a role in a conflict so it is important to look at ourselves before the other. If we think we should send love and light, we are properly projecting the missing connection with our own love stream. If we are really in our love stream, we are not sending anything. We are receiving the stream and it will just flow through us to everybody in our life and consciousness.

The love stream teaches us both to receive and to give. We have to be in a state of receiving to enable us to give without the ego involved. Every time we try to push giving, we are trading. On a larger scale, if we are trying to heal the world so it becomes a better place to enable us to feel more loved, we are trading! If we just heal ourselves while living and creating from a high vibration then we are giving!

Many people are holding back on receiving and it is essential for our spiritual growth to be able to receive. Most of us have experienced so much pain, grief and loneliness that we have concluded that it is all the world has to offer and therefore we shut down to receive. Most dysfunctional upbringings create patterns of abuse imprints in the body and energy system. Those patterns will repeat throughout our life until we get them cleared out.

As Jung says, it is hard work to make our darkness conscious, but we have to do it if we want to change our perception of ourselves, others and the world. And if we want to open our hearts and live in the stream of love, experiencing how great and joyful life can be.

It is helpful to surround ourselves with people that see the best in us because it affects how we also see ourselves. If we can raise the standard and really see each other’s potential and gorgeousness then we begin to be in the love stream together without trading. But it begins with us wanting to receive ourselves and continuing to clear out old stuff until it happens.

When we begin to feel our heart chakra becoming more alive, we begin to be more connected to the stream of love. We don’t all have the same capacity for love. We are on different levels of development. That doesn’t matter though because we work from where we are. If we are determined and vulnerable enough to feel our next step and then the next, we will be on a journey to live from a different place within ourselves.

The love stream makes us enjoy receiving and giving. It makes us feel how wonderful we are. It teaches us to appreciate ourselves. When we receive love from our soul, we are better at navigating in human love. We don’t get dependent because we are already in our own stream of love. We get the freedom to love whom we love without any agenda.

Personally, I have worked on myself on a daily basis through self-healing, therapy, workshops, and healing for 17 years. Since the beginning of my journey, it has been my ambition to live from a higher conscious place within myself while having more ease in life. This ambition has been stronger than all the pain and all the fear and all the feeling alone in the dark throughout the process. It is a really good idea to dust off your spiritual ambition and hold it strong on your quest for higher consciousness and living in the stream of love.

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