Being received

It feels like magic when we are being received by others, when they really see and appreciate us. It gives us the opportunity to see and appreciate ourselves. I have just had a very magical experience with a person that really saw me, and it has opened up new depths of seeing myself, in a way I have never done before. It is like having a witness seeing the depths of my heart and soul, confirming all the qualities and greatness.

When we are being received, we take our barriers down for the other person, and for ourselves, so we can suddenly see ourselves better. And indirectly we give ourselves permission to be everything that we are. We can take this opening and own it, and have a new state of awareness in ourselves. Honoring ourselves, admiring ourselves, taking care of ourselves.

I have a desire to take better care of myself, surrounding myself with people that really appreciates me, and that makes an effort to see and know me. I am more aware of what contributes in my life, doing things that makes me joyful, choosing me. I also feel calm because I have rediscovered things about myself that I had forgotten.

We really affect each other’s lives, and we can either contribute and open each other or we can be part of the whole egogame and blamegame and ignore each other, which are so destructive.

What happens when we are not received? When we are not received it feels like we are not worthy, and we duplicate the feeling into our own view on ourselves. It is an efficient way to mistreat ourselves and keep us out of power. In powerlessness we will never be able to see ourselves, or to be the best version of ourselves. So our inner alarm should go off when we go near powerlessness and if not, we should consider getting some help from a mentor, healer or therapist.

Many people are unconscious about the behavior of holding each other down by ignoring the other. It is a very destructive game, and it is very uncaring. If we all took on the responsibility of answering and getting back to people in our lives, as well as seeing them and contributing in their lives, we could create a better world with much more love and affection.

When we get ignored or mistreated we mostly go into powerlessness unless we decide right away, that we will not let ourselves down and sink in vibration. And that we will not let the other person’s behavior make us less. And that we refuse to see ourselves through the eyes of somebody that don’t see us.

Can we receive ourselves so deeply that it doesn’t affect us when we are not being received by others? If we stay present in ourselves we can’t be affected, but it is also our main challenge in life, to stay present in ourself. Not to leak energy to problems in our childhood, or in our marriage, or to other problems and conflicts, but just stay present in our life from moment to moment.

What if we could be the person in our life, that really use time to see us, for who we are, even writing it down and telling it, as well as being the supportive energy and voice that backs up everything we do, and that really believes in us. Wouldn’t that be great?

When we receive ourself fully we change energy, and then our life changes. We will meet more people that receives us and we will feel more appreciated. There is really no way around starting to practice receiving ourselves. Because if we use all our life to wait for that special person who can see us, we might have to wait for a very long time.

And still if we find that special person, it is much better to see ourselves, so we don’t experience ourselves through the other person. We should experience ourselves through the inside of us, like a deep inner connection with every part of us. When we experience ourselves from the outside we will take in all the physical world’s definitions of us. And that is so far from who we are.

When we rest in our heart chakra, or work in meditations, we can get a deep connection with ourselves. If we choose to focus on our heart chakra we can listen to music or go for a walk, if we choose to work in meditations, it is a good idea to hold the attention in our soul. We can experience ourselves either way. And even though it is difficult for many to meditate, it will succeed in the end if you practice. Working with the heart and the soul will bypass all the noise of the world, as well as making us more conscious about who we are.

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